Corporate Events


At Empire Productions,

We specialize in creating one-of-a-kind corporate events that leave a lasting impression. Our expert team understands the importance of delivering a seamless and unforgettable experience for your clients, employees, and stakeholders. With our extensive range of high-quality entertainment options, we guarantee to elevate your event to new heights.


Live Music Entertainment And Performances

Elevate the atmosphere of your corporate event with our exclusive selection of live music entertainment. Our diverse roster of talented musicians, from solo artists to full orchestras, can cater to any genre or preference. Allow our world-class performers to set the mood and captivate your guests throughout the event.

Themed Shows

Step into an immersive world of entertainment with our customizable themed shows. From the glamour of The Great Gatsby to the enchantment of a masquerade ball, we’ll work closely with you to create a unique and captivating experience that aligns with your company’s vision and message. Our talented performers will bring the theme to life, leaving your guests in awe.

Bespoke Acts

Dazzle your audience with our breathtaking circus acts. Our professional performers showcase a wide array of talents, including aerial acrobatics, fire dancing, contortion, and juggling. These mesmer

20+ Piece Show Band

Experience the ultimate in live music entertainment with our sensational 20+ piece show band. Boasting a diverse lineup of exceptional musicians and vocalists, this powerhouse ensemble delivers a dynamic and unforgettable performance. Our show band covers a wide range of genres, from jazz and swing to pop and rock, ensuring the perfect soundtrack for your corporate event. With a customizable setlist, our 20+ piece show band will keep your guests dancing and entertained all night long.

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