Plan your entire wedding under one roof. From your favourites table to the entertainment. Empire Productions can supply everything you need to ensure that your wedding or event stands out from the rest!

Room Settings

We offer a wide range of table and room décor.
Centerpieces – Elegant and unique settings
Table and chair covers
Themed lighting
Personalized table names/numbers

Giant Lettering

Empire productions can provide a range of LED lights for hire that will make your event stand out from the rest. Both large and smaller table lettering available.
Use our lettering options to give your party that extra wow factor.

Themed Events

If you are planning a themed event, our team of experts will be happy to help you through this journey to find the ideal venue and design to achieve the best possible result.
We have hosted and designed many successful events throughout Europe and we guarantee the highest standard.

Contact our team to design your event

LR Project

Are you looking to add that extra taste of elegance and a fresh vibe to your wedding or venue?
LR Duo led by the two experienced and versatile musicians Luana Matos (Voice) and Robson Rocha (Guitar), will deliver a beautiful musical experience full of the Authentic Bossa Nova swing (singing either in English or Portuguesse), Jazz and also their own versions of classic hits from the 60’s through to today. A perfect warm and relaxing atmosphere for wedding receptions, dinners, brunches, garden parties and cocktails. 


There are so many elements to your wedding day. The ceremony is often used to express, through words, feelings for one another. We specialise in helping couples to create a personalised set of songs suited to their personality and vision. Our catalogue of musicians and vocalist will trill anyone looking to impress and stand out from the rest. We are proud to be able to offer options that are out of the ordinary for your Ceremony.
See below list of options. Everything can be customised to your liking, mix and match as you please.
• Music and Female Vocalist
• Music and Male Vocalist
• Latin music
• French music
• Indian table
• Irish Fiddle player
• Bag pipe
• Acoustic Guitar/ Spanish Guitar
• piano
• Guitar and Trumpet
• Guitar and Saxophone
• Violin
• String Quartet
• Harp
If There is something that is not on this list and you wish to have, we will try our best

Drinks reception

Whether it’s a garden party or background music, the options for your drinks reception and cocktail party are endless. Pick and mix your favourite instruments to perform the genre of your choice. From a chilled out Bossa Nova vibe to the ‘rocking the boat’ on the lawn, we are in a unique position to provide an unforgettable experience that will set the tempo for the rest of your evening.

  • Bossa nova
  • Salsa
  • Reggae
  • Jazz
  • Modern/Pop
  • Acoustic
  • Big Band

Dinner music

Music played during dinner has become a must have element since we introduced this option to the wedding packages. We get a lot of interest from clients in having background music performed during dinner hour and everyone that booked so far has been a 100% satisfied. Our catalogue of songs is especially designed to suit every event. We choose popular music and this is performed in a very subtle way which creates a happy and relaxed atmosphere. The volume at which the music is played is described as pleasant and doesn’t interfere with those who wish to converse. Clients have the option of choosing between 2 to 5 piece to play during dinner.

Confetti canon & Fog machines for hire